Like all of my annual events, seems like you spend the entire year looking forward to it the moment it ends. And it always seems to end so quickly. It’s just… here, and then it’s gone. Of all of the things I do, and look forward to every year, never is this truer than for the annual pilgrimage to Port Washington, WI in search of salmon on Lake Michigan.

Something about being in Port Washington seems to make time move just a little faster, in spite of our efforts to slow the world down for these three days. The 2015 version of our trip was, true to form, here and gone in a blink.

Our adventure was once again a blast, and we had great trips out with three of the Nicky Boy Charters captains – our third straight year with this outfitter. As I’ve written before, these guys are as good as it gets for Lake Michigan salmon fishing. Don’t just take my word for it; do your own research. You’ll find no shortage of positive reviews out there.

While we had a tough time again finding an abundance of 4 yr-old kings,  our three days of fishing produced some nice numbers, some really nice fish, and the usual outstanding time with the guys.

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