Jug's Seafood in  Theriot, LA
Jug's Seafood in Theriot, LA

After Thursday we were definitely itching to get back on the water. We were dealing with unusually cold temps and more wind than was optimal, so we would not be sight-fishing the skinny marsh, but should be able to get out and chase bulls and trout out near our day one spot.

We had several stops with nothing but catfish – gaff-tops and hard heads – and a couple small sheepshead here and there. But eventually we did find a hole that was hot. Here we managed to find a few more of those big bulls reminiscent of our first afternoon. Also like day one, we had some more monster black drum to fill in the time between bull reds.
Another nice afternoon, even if a bit chilly for Louisiana. And we had quite a dinner to look forward to at Jug’s Seafood. I’m going to leave it at this. This place is very… interesting. But very, VERY good. I highly recommend it if you like crawfish and crabs. Wow…

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