OCTOBER 25, 2015: Venison with Cumberland Sauce


With the waterfowl season kicking off next week, and the wonderfully crisp and “fallish” weather this weekend, I had this urge – maybe just to start clearing freezer space, but maybe something deeper, something primal, and linked to this time of year – to cook wild game. I did not have to dig too far into the archives to find a small pack of venison back-strap medallions. This was perfect. I’d bookmarked something months ago from my culinary hero, Hank Shaw, and his version of the Cumberland Sauce. Yeah. Done.

I have this habit with nearly everything I borrow online – I must always tweak. I tinker with every recipe, always looking for a way to “make it mine” in terms of matching my own preferences to taste. Their are few exceptions to this rule. Hank Shaw is one. He usually nails it for me.

So I stuck with his list here, line-by-line. Here is exactly what I cooked, with an addition (not an “edit”!)

My addition to this was half a dozen baby portabella mushrooms, lightly sauteed in butter, a touch of olive oil, onion powder, dried onion, parsley, and a touch of black pepper. These made for an amazing compliment to the dish.

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