Olathe South Falcon Baseball – On the Field at The K


Had an awesome opportunity to watch my nephew, Brady Boyd, a senior and Varsity starter for the Olathe South Falcon baseball team, play at Kaufman Stadium a few days ago. What an experience. What I would have done to be able to do that at his age…

I was also lucky enough to get to join the team on the field, photographing them during their stay. From the pregame warm-ups through the entire game, from the dugout, I got to capture at least a bit of the magic of a special day for these guys.

Thanks so much to Coach Perkins for allowing me to participate, and for my brother for helping to arrange it. And of course, thanks to my nephew Brady and the entire team for putting up with having a stranger taking their pictures and being in the way all day.

As always, I tried to get pics of every player. I know that not everything I took (over 600 pics) made the edits folder, and have just over 100 that I chose to clean up. If you are a player or parent, send me an email or message, or go through Jason Boyd, and get me a name/number and I’ll see if I can find something. But know that I have shared the “best” of what I had here.

Additionally, I’m happy to share (with players or parents of) higher resolution versions of what you see here (these are web-res, not optimal for printing) – again, just shoot me a message.

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